A.M. Video

Sunday before noon
Watching a.m. video
Thinking it’s too soon
I won’t get up at all

It’s too late to erase all the good
That you did to me when you were good

Disappearing in
My silky sofa skin
I’m wrapped in fabric weaves
Still with a thirst for love

You’re like milk, running bad, catching taste
Still too good to spit out and go to waste

And baby all I want you to
Is take it all away
Take it to another place
So I can breathe again
Baby all I want you to
Is pack up all your things
And leave me while I’m living

It’s like classic lines in films
Like classic drinks with gin
It’s like a classic “she leaves him”
You will be remembered

And I eat all the fat I can afford
Then you call and sequel’s secured