High School Chemistry

I’ve seen the light and it’s so bright
I’m on my way
To where I lived before

And we meet at an awful place
Some company
Has rented for this day

We have lots to drink
Then we talk about unimportant things
And it’s around quarter to three
When you come stumbling, closing up to me

If you’d had the slightest will to stand out from the rest
If you’d had a talent that no one could have guessed
If you didn’t make me uninspired and depressed
On a day of darkness
I could have thought of sleeping with you
I’ve had too much so it’s okay
I’m on my way
I didn’t know what else to say

Your mom has made your childhood bed
With pony sheets
The ones you loved before

I lie down to sleep
Patrick Swayze’s staring down on me
High school chemistry
When you kiss me I insist on tea