Kiss Right

Your kisses come with a feeling of uncertainty
Effortless, sloppy and wet, not arousing and sweet
There are many resources; websites, books and videos
With simple instructions on how you can kiss like a pro

You make your lips come closer
You meet my tongue
But I’m going under
(You should know how I want it so…)

My believes are trembling
You’re having fun
But I’m going under
(Now I’m low and you made me so…)

Kiss right
Kiss right
Start it out slow, kick it up then make it burn out and squeal
Changes in intensity is an important key
Learning to kiss is one thing you can’t do overnight
It takes some practice and patience to get it all right


Just close your eyes, you’ll see it’s alright
You can sit and relax so calm and quiet
Oh oh oh oh, why don’t you see it?

Just smile and wink, and take a deep breath
You will feel your heartbeat rock your chest
Oh oh oh oh, kiss like you mean it