Something to Tell My Kids When They’re 18

Four blocks up, eight blocks down
I need somebody who can tell directions
I don’t like this part of town
It is bloated with intersections
And I find this street far too steep
Like a long and painful slope
I need to roam back to home
I’m not doing good for anyone

I spared no means last night
Now I’m tired, lost, my clothes are crumpled
We faked a kung fu fight
Then we got into a drinking battle
I made a vow most honestly
Not to spend the night with you
But it was lost in loads of wine
And in bubbles of shampoo

I need some morals to believe in
Something to tell my kids when they’re 18
I need some standard I can follow
Manners to suit me when I’m older

(I need something wise)

There are three words in “I love you”
It’s such an easy way to build relations
I used that phrase with you
No, I’m not proud of that conversation
Yeah, I’ve messed it up like a million times
I always call to take it back
No, I wish I were a better man
I will start some day soon
Yeah, I will start some day soon
…I think…


(I need something wise to tell my kids when I’m older)